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Struggling with eating disorders, the girls are sought out to lecture for high schools and universities nationwide. Armed with degrees in nutrition, they also teach at the Learning Annex and are currently health and fitness authors. Their latest book stresses the benefits of becoming a raw vegan for both the sake of the body and the Eco crisis we are all facing.

Shane and Sia Barbi grew up separately, but both aspired to be veterinarians. Initially they studied veterinary technology and also became active in sports which led them into health and fitness. The twins were experienced horse riders and trainers for the US Equestrian Drill Team. They grew up on ranches in separate states and both became involved with showing and breeding of all animals, which they no longer believe in.

Shane and Sia have always been active in some way with rescue, but now they totally dedicate themselves to rescue and fighting for animal rights. They have turned down work now so they can focus solely on helping the welfare of animals.

They no longer believe in any type of breeding and showing because it promotes animals as property (which has to be perfect) instead of live "critters" with individual personalities. They state that "until we have adopted every animal from every shelter, we do not believe in breeding or shows that promote pure breeds, it's 'pet-racism'."

The Barbi Twins are active in every aspect of animal causes such as assisting bills to pass for animal cruelty laws, participating in protests against animal experimentation, circuses and zoos. They also help promote the closures of puppy mills and breeders and educate rescues about the dangers of hoarding.  Most of all Shane and Sia are hands-on with the spay and neuter programs to help prevent "pet over population". Currently they are also working with groups that help with endangered species.

The Barbi Twins have numerous Hollywood projects and media events that all focus on helping the animals, which include two Animal Rights movies, a television special on rescue and a book called "Rescue versus Rescuism", describing how some get "intoxicated" in the movement and lose focus of the animals. Their appropriately named, Bunnies Rescuing Bunnies project, is popular as well.
The Barbi Twins' goal is to achieve a NO KILL NATION.

Check out the CHARITIES page to see more animal welfare groups they support.

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